Intoxicated Driver Saved from Burning Car by Deputy

An 18-year-old driver suspected of driving under the influence was saved by an Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputy after the driver flipped his vehicle, causing it to burst into flames. Police reports say the driver passed the Deputy at high speeds, ensuing a chase heading north on Baldwin Road until the driver attempted to turn onto Maybee Road but lost control of his vehicle and crashed. The Deputy reacted quickly, breaking the sunroof and pulling the driver to safety.

Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard responded to the incident saying: “This is a reminder of the types of incidents our deputies can encounter each and every day…While our Deputy had been in pursuit of this speeding suspect, it was their first instinct to risk their own lives to save this individual from a burning vehicle. If not for the quick action of our deputes, this individual may have not survived this incident.”

The driver sustained a broken femur and lacerations and was treated at McLaren Hospital-Oakland where he was admitted for his injuries. Charges are currently pending blood results and the incident remains under investigation.


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